G500 RS-485 Option Card

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Galt Electric G500 series RS-485 option card

BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, Metasys N2, Siemens FLN, and DMX-512 connectivity for Galt Electric G500 series inverters.

Supported RS-485 Protocols

  • BACnet MS/TP
  • Modbus RTU
  • Johnson Controls Metasys N2
  • Siemens FLN (P1)
  • DMX-512
  • Generic Serial (Allows support of almost any binary or ASCII based custom or proprietary protocol)




The G500XLT RS-485 multiprotocol communication interface allows information to be transferred seamlessly between a Galt Electric G500 series inverter and several different RS-485-based fieldbus networks with minimal configuration requirements. The interface installs directly onto the inverter’s control board, and presents a pluggable, screw-style terminal block for connection to the RS-485 network.

PLC-style logical, arithmetic and filtering data manipulation operations, called Database Logic, allow the construction of complex autonomous data conditioning and control functions. Configurable network timeout actions can also be programmed that allows parameters to have their own unique "fail-safe" conditions in the event of a network interruption. The option card also supports a versatile Generic Serial communication driver which allows integration with any serial device including proprietary or custom protocols using ASCII and/or binary encoding formats.


Version Information


  • The latest firmware is included in the latest Galt Electric Configuration Studio and Galt Electric Network Parameter Utility



The Galt Electric Configuration Studio is required to view, edit, and download configurations.