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Our Vision

Our Vision

We imagine a world where it is easy to take control of your electrical equipment.


You rely on your industrial controls to get your job done, yet industrial technology can feel intimidating and complex. When it comes time to dig in and figure out a problem, you might find that the user manuals look closer to Greek rather than something you can actually understand how to use. That complexity can keep you from obtaining your goals. Perhaps you even struggle to locate anyone that can competently help you. You might find that when you need them most, your control products really leave you feeling out of control! This is where Galt Electric comes into the mix. We believe that technology should be approachable and that you should be empowered to take control.


We see an opportunity with our customers, who are looking for products that blend ease of use and functionality, not necessarily something incredibly technical. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay more to get a premium experience. We now make it possible for you to source Galt’s performance and reliability based electrical products, at reduced costs assuring quicker implementation and payback. The elimination of non-value-added activities and focus on ease of use and user experience lead to the increased productivity that Galt stands for.





Challenge The Status Quo

Galt rebels against apathy, bureaucracy and non-value-added activities that stifle innovation and the focus to drive productivity to its fullest.


We believe in customer success and strive to make every part of your experience with our company easier. From selecting products to navigating user manuals we try to keep you in mind and anticipate your needs through deliberate design.

It is our mission to make technology approachable.

It is our mission to make technology approachable.


Using our products shouldn’t leave you feeling hopeless and out of control. If you’re unclear how to get the full value out of our products we haven’t done our job yet. From the quality of our technical support content to the timeliness of delivery, we want you to succeed with ease.


The whole idea behind Galt Electric is to allow you to take charge throughout the entire process of buying, installing, starting, and maintaining your electrical equipment.