GPT Series - TEFC Motors

Available in
1-100 HP 208-230V
1-300 HP 460V



Galt Electric offers its latest electric motors, including TEFC and ODP enclosures in cast iron, rolled steel, and stainless steel (TEFC only). Galt Electric motors are engineered to last in an industrial environment. Our motors will keep your operations up and running, with a precision balanced aluminum rotor, oversized bearing, inverter duty Class H insulation, better fit and finish, and many other features — all backed by a 3 year warranty. Our engineering prepares for the unexpected, so you don’t have to. 

  • Better Fit and finish
  • Oversized bearings
  • Sealed bearings up to 215T size
  • Regreasable bearings from 254T and above
  • Quality castings
  • 1.25 Service factor (Up to 100 HP)
  • 1.15 Service factor (125 HP & above)
  • Double drilled feet for most ratings
  • Premium efficiency or above
  • Fully gasketed junction box (90° increment rotatable)
  • Lead support gasketing
  • C-faces available
  • Mounting in any direction
  • Inverter duty insulation system with VPI
  • AISI 4140 shaft material
  • Shaft grounding protection available
  • Standard F1 assembly (F2 available)
  • Easy to read stainless steel nameplate
HP 3600 1800 1200
1 143T 143/5T 143/5T
1.5 143/5T 143/5T 182/4T
2 143/5T 143/5T 182/4T
3 143/5T 182/4T 215T
5 182/4T 182/4T 213/5T
7.5 213T 213T 254T
10 213/5T 213/5T 254/6T
15 254T 254T 284T
20 254/6T 254/6T 284/6T
25 284TS 284T 324T
30 284/6TS 284/6T 324/6T
40 284TS 324T 364T
50 324/6TS 324/6T 364/5T
60 364/5TS 364T 404/5T
75 364/5TS 364/5T 404/5T
100 404/5TS 404/5T 444/5T
125 444/5TS 444/5T 444/5T
150 444/5TS 444/5T 445/7T
200 445/7TS 445/7T 447/9T
250 447/9TS 447/9T 447/9T
300 447/9TS 447/9T 447/9T